When the extension is install on your online store

When the extension is install on your online store

Porterbuddy offers what they call customer-driven logistics, where you get the opportunity to offer an even more tailore customer journey. What is Porterbuddy? Porterbuddy is a delivery service that is mainly available for online shopping. Here, it is the end customer who decides the time of delivery. The customer gets great control over the delivery, and can either set the desire time on the same day, or on a later occasion. The time window is short, so that the delivery is accurate and precise. Porterbuddy stands out from other delivery services in many ways. First and foremost, it is the options and control over the delivery time that are appealing to the customer. But they can also offer same-day delivery.

The company wants to expand its areas over time

Which is common in other countries, but has not yet been fully integrate in Norway. Porterbuddy will now set the new standard for same-day delivery. Initially, Oslo, Akershus and Buskerud will be serve by Porterbuddy. Nevertheless,. Porterbuddy now New Zealand Phone Number List reaches over 1.2 million consumers in Eastern Norway, and it probably won’t take long before this innovative service becomes available to more people. Porterbuddy arranges deliveries and already has a good collaboration with several professional online stores and couriers.

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The integration is design to work seamlessly

Their vision is to be able to deliver when and where the consumer wants it. The service offers delivery of goods both at home, at work and elsewhere. With Porterbuddy, you give the customer the opportunity to decide where and when the delivery will take AERO Leads place. Get starte now! We integrate Porterbuddy into your online store CONTACT US FOR A CHAT How does Porterbuddy work? Porterbuddy can be integrate with most e-commerce solutions. and to be installe easily. As an online store operator, you only nee to pack the goods before Porterbuddy comes to pick up the delivery., the customer will be able to choose Porterbuddy as the delivery service.

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