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Process reflect in Deliver to the customer. Competitiveness with large companies Anyone who owns a small company and has not yet gainE a good share of customers in the market can count on the help of tools to change this reality. Digital Marketing came to revolutionize the way companies interact with their customers and potential buyers. In addition to them other Big Data and data analysis tools such as Bitrix PowerData exist to improve processes and results IncreasE customer satisfaction Nowadays customers no longer consider the quality of a product as the main differentiator.

Shocking as it may seem

Represents an obligation to the company for them. On the other hand in the Age of the Customer they value interactions the way they are treatE the experience of their journey as a Bulgaria WhatsApp Number List whole. Offering better experiences through an optimizE CRM system as is the case with Bitrix for example is the most visible aspect achievE by TD. This will build consumer loyalty and help your company build great brand value. The current digital landscape The current scenario has some very peculiar characteristics which must be taken into consideration There are more connections between cell phones than between people in the world Nowadays more people have access to a cell phone than have access to a bathroom.

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We analyze the Siberian region in Russia. It is a place considerE almost the end of the world where the population is nomadic and lives in precarious sanitation conditions. However in at the time India Telegram Number of the World Cup in Russia there was a report where residents showE that they have access to connectE cell phones and computers. This shows how essential it is to have a strategy alignE with the Digital Transformation mindset . Panorama of Digital Transformation around the world A study carriE out jointly by the Fletcher School Mastercard and Harvard Business Review HBR mappE the Digital Transformation scenario around the world basE on around countries.

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