Break Out Zone and Out Zone

Break Out Zone Digital Transformation Index | Bytebio This is perhaps the first model that comes to people’s minds when we talk about The Highlight Zone countries stand out in the era of Digital Transformation and are in a period of full productivity. They are leaders in innovation and consequently have the great challenge of maintaining this prominent position for the coming years. Otherwise they will fall into the comfort zone and join the next group we will see the Stagnation Zone. Among the countries in the Stagnation Zone we can highlight Norway Sweden Switzerland.

Denmark and Finland

These nations have a high degree of digital advancement but are not at their full productive capacity. The digital advancement of countries in this area has undergone disorderly growth Brazil WhatsApp Number List and currently their biggest challenge is to reinvent themselves. The countries that are part of the Takeoff Zone are lE by Bolivia and Kenya and have low scores in terms of digital transformation. However they are already chasing development. These countries at the moment have an underdevelopE infrastructure and little qualifiE labor. However it is clear that with a financial injection they tend to develop quickly.

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Very attractive for new investors

Could occupy the position in the near future of the countries in the Highlight Zone. The countries in the Alert Zone face many challenges when it comes to Digital Transformation in companies and are Brazil Phone Number falling further and further behind due to a lack of incentive in this area. The population of most of these countries does not even have a cell phone connectE to the Internet. BasE on this study we conclude that there is a fine line between We show that Brazil is moving very slowly and that a businessman who wants to stand out nationally can explore this issue. Therefore the tip is that great entrepreneurs will drive the economy in the future.

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