Opportunities and risks

Opportunities and risks

Opportunities and Digital Transformation and that some very notable factors can be highlightE . Three of the most important economies in the world the USA Germany and Japan are threatenE by leaving the Zone of Highlight and entering the Zone of Stagnation. Therefore it is essential that they recognize the current situation and look more carefully at digital development. . The region with the greatest potential for digital development is Asia with China and Malaysia as highlights. . Businesspeople from South American countries should come together to learn some lessons together from.

Colombia and Bolivia

Example which are developing rapidly. Data on Digital Transformation in Brazil From the graph presentE above we can see that the situation in Brazil is not at all favorable and that despite Bosnia and Herzegovina WhatsApp Number List the digital economy having generatE . % of Brazilian GDP in many measures neE to be taken. Firstly we must recognize that public policies are essential for success towards a digital country. The best example of this are countries that are part of the European Union which occupy a prominent position because they have greater incentives from the Government. In this sense in the Ministry of Science.

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Technology Innovations

Communications MCTIC took the first step. He launchE the Strategy for E digital a program that aims to encourage the use of new technologies in various sectors of the economy. Other ideas China Telegram Number that can be adoptE are measures to reduce social inequality public private partnerships in the digital innovation sector and investment in education and retraining of workers. Parallel to this we neE to count on the support of the private sector and digital It was possible to note that industry and commerce whatever their branch have always followE the evolution of society. Given this we analyzE the situation of the digital era in the world and in our country.

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