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KLM case: the airline was the first to obtain a verified WhatsApp Business account and it did not miss out. It started using the service to send tickets to its customers and also real-time information about their flights . At the time, it was the only one to offer this comfortable support for customers. Accor case: the hotel chain began using WhatsApp to communicate with its guests . Clients could make changes, book dinners or massages through WhatsApp. Taxis Almería case: the Radio Taxi de Almería company used WhatsApp to receive reservations from its customers and thus be able to benefit from the geolocation of the app .

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Not have to wait and it was much Poland Phone Number List easier for taxi drivers to find their location. WhatsApp Business is one of the most important applications today for any company. It will not only allow you to offer marketing campaigns , but also considerably improve customer service. Send comment Your email address will not be published. * What is IVR and why do you need it in your call center May 18, 2022 | Call centers | 0 Comments Any modern call center worth its salt should have an IVR system up and running. For many experts, it is a system that must be installed when thinking about customer service and telephone calls.

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The IVR is not the future

It is rather the present. Having it will offer the call center a series of truly interesting and useful advantages and results in call management . What is IVR in a call center or call center An IVR or Interactive Voice Response system allows users to interact with the telephone system without the need for an agent. It is the Aero Leads popularly calle “switchboard” or “robot” that speaks, listens and responds to the user to direct him. The older IVR systems allow the user to be guide through different departments until they find the right agent for their query.

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