The measure is the number

The measure is the number

Decide what to do quickly more open to different ideas and cultures able to adjust the attitude well, assertive, have high confidence likes to work on many things at the same time but has low patience have the attitude of people who like to spend money to create happiness and satisfaction with oneself Open to receive short information. Emphasize the beauty of various types of communication styles. . Gen C Baby Boomer and Gen X who are interest in technology did not have these things It is consider to change behavior to suit the changing era, in which this group of Gen C will post anything that is mostly informational knowlge, unlike Gen Y who post many things according to their mood.

The period of continuous

Gen Alpha (Born – ) Gen Alpha is a generation group Netherlands WhatsApp Number List born in the years – , consider a group bas on the availability of various technologies call the highest level. Life cannot live without mobile phone and internet. no longer attach to a stable career and not attach to regular work Or always have to work at work But they only do what they are interest in. For example, gamers, e-sports, content creators of different types, startups, YouTubers and influencers are consider the smartest people. Because it has been with technology since birth.

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Because the target audience

The people in our world are in It will make AERO Leads us know patterns of behavior, lifestyle, information reception, interests and overall attitudes. It makes us know how to adapt in living with different groups of people. both in working life and daily life In addition, it also allows us to see opportunities in marketing communications to the company’s target audience. and differences in some generations to make it easier toBrand Content is one of the marketing methods us during.

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