Describe the metrics and tools you would use

Describe the metrics and tools you would use

Can you explain the concept of blue-green deployment? How does it differ from canary deployment and what advantages does it provide? 102. How to manage versions in the CI/CD pipeline? Describe strategies and techniques for rolling back to a previous version of an application. 103. How do you monitor and analyze CI/CD pipeline performance? to identify bottlenecks and optimize pipeline efficiency? Kubernetes 104. Can you explain the concept of Kubernetes and its role in container orchestration? 105. What are the main benefits of using Kubernetes? What are the competitors.

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Describe the different application deployment methods and the corresponding Kubernetes resources use. 107. Can you describe the concept of scaling in New Zealand Phone Number List Kubernetes? 108. How would you horizontally scale your deployment to handle increase traffic or workload? 109. What are Kubernetes ConfigMaps and secrets? How would you use them to manage application configuration and sensitive data in a Kubernetes environment? 110. Can you explain the concept of Kubernetes StatefulSet? How does it differ from deployment and in what scenarios would you use it? 111. How would you monitor and troubleshoot a Kubernetes cluster.

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Describe the key metrics and tools you would use to monitor cluster health and diagnose problems. 112. Can you discuss some general strategies for managing application storage in Kubernetes? Explain the concepts of standing volumes (PV) and standing AERO Leads orders for volume (PVC). 113. OPA: how to add your verification to the K8s object? 114. Kubernetes object? 115. What is helm? 116. What is cert-manager? Why do you nee it? 117. use when deploying applications to K8s? 118. How many minimum containers can be in a pod? 119. What activities or operations do you consider to be best practices when it comes.

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