The functionality remain open

The main goal of the developers was to create a one-button solution so that the user could find everything about the plant he is intereste in – a complete description, features, information on care, existing plant diseases, and receive reminders about watering, transplanting, etc. At the same time, this concept had problems. In the very first review in the AppStore, the application receive one star from the user and the comment: “There are too few plants in the database.

The technology and develop model

They found a non-trivial solution to this problem: they adde the option of plant recognition base on machine learning technology. The user just nees to upload a photo to the application, and the system determines the type of plant and provides a care plan. “Under the hood” it looke a little more complicate. The ML model for plant recognition also had to Poland Phone Number List be written from scratch — this time Dmytro Hrynts neee three months to master. After the release, the case recognition function in the application went up. Accelerate by the pandemic, all digital applications were growing, and so was PlantIn.

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The first few thousand active users appear

It was hitting the right audience with the right set of features — and we saw a big jump in the number of downloads,” says Mykhailo. in the free ad-free application. At this time, the developers decide to add the option “support the project” – at the request AERO Leads of the user., but anyone could pay to use the app in a format similar to Patreon. After the number of users reache 10,000, and some of them signe up for a paid subscription to the application, it became clear that it is difficult to call PlantIn a pet project, it nees development and investment.

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