The ability of consumer

The ability of consumer

A monopoly on that type of product. brands. May hold a position on the shelf without having to rely on the main brand. name of each category Make customers remember the difference better than other formats. weakness Spend quite a lot of budget on advertising products. Must manage a single product brand which uses quite a lot of budget Line branding Starting from main products under one major brand. But expanding into supplementary products under the original main brand name, such as Dove, whose main product is facial soap. And has expand into face cream, skin care cream, shampoo, body soap, including anti-aging products.

Cause a negative image

Source moham mamirshaikh wixsite bombay enterprises Singapore WhatsApp Number List strength If the product expansion is consistent with the main product brand, such as from soap to shampoo, body wash, customers will support complementary brands. because of the connections that are relat to these Expanding this supplement brand able to create an image for the main brand Advertising budgets can be shar Today’s customers are always looking for the same. Or reflect an identity that is close to his personality, so the expression of the brand image that can be link to the identity of the customer group.

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Consumers will always remember

Will become a successful brand The brand AERO Leads image or brand image is what the customer thinks of. brand It comes from a brand’s beliefs and perspectives. This is the result of creating identity (Identity), Values ​​(Values) and personality of the brand. (Personality) and ingrients that create Brand Image in the eyes of customers What’s up?Let’s remind each other again that Brand Image or brand image is something that is reflect from the point of view of customers or consumers. We will see the image through The identity of the brand (Brand Identity) that we create out there.

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