The carousel intro in the body

The carousel intro in the body

Emoji and hashtags greatly impairs the perception of the text in the post. Post it. Remove unnecessary information logical repetitions write for people in a simple and understandable language respecting the chosen tone of the company.  design in  Not all posts ne visualization especially carousel cards. You can create designs in the service or a free analogue of ). Things to keep in mind when choosing an image for a post: The image complements.

Examples of posts with good

Or entertains the text of the post. It doesn’t Latvia Phone Number List look rundant or stay for beauty. Unique illustrations are always better than stock photos. element of content—it creates a mood or conveys an atmosphere. The picture is free from excessive color and graphic elements. Pictures do not cause negative emotions. The image was obtain legally: it is locat in a photo library with an open license or us with the author’s consent. If you use customer photos you should also get their permission. In the first example the image is chosen for aesthetics and in the second.

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An image acts as an independent

It is us as an illustration for the text In the first example the image is chosen for aesthetics and in the second it is us as the text An illustration of AERO Leads how to format the text on the card: The eyeliner will not duplicate the text on the card.  of the post must be original. Use no more than two fonts. The best way to achieve contrast is to change the stroke of the font. Very little is written. The text on the card should be read within one minute preferably within – characters or less. clarify. If text can be replac with an image diagram or illustration it should be replac. Put text on a plain background. If not in the picture use a background. Keep the style consistent. Use templates to keep cards consistent. Examples of posts where cards.

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