Telegram the audience normally

Telegram the audience normally

Posts are divid into formats: Text post. Can be short mium long with or without mia. Focus on text not visuals. visual post. Meme poster poster comic. Text accompaniment is minimal or absent. Cards. A post in the form of a carousel the text is appli to a series of images all slides are connect by one theme. An example of an ucational post in card format and promotional text with video The preparatory part is more of a strategic work. We recommend reading our article How to Build a Content Strategy in Steps.

Follow the rules for writing posts

To learn more about preparing to create and promote Kuwait Phone Number List content. Practical part The preparatory part is the collection of information to create a post. Practice is its concrete production. Here are a few tips to help you tackle this challenge. that are especially relevant for selling posts. You can find them in the articles “Schemes for writing sales texts for posts on social networks” and “How to write cool sales posts for VKontakte”. For all other types and types of posts there are a number of time-test rules: The post is written taking into account the peculiarities of the social network. Social mia has different expectations from posts. In  treats long texts without any.

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There are rules and content formulas

Design but the same text on VKontakte will have AERO Leads to be shorten or re-formatt into cards. There is a unity of meanings. One post should be dicat to one thought or one goal. There are conclusions. After reading the post readers should draw a conclusion. There is a call to action that does not hit the forehead. Go to the site write a comment buy – all this is tempting to add to the end of the post. But it’s better when the post itself smoothly leads to action and in the finale direct appeals to readers are no longer ne. The post has structure. Use paragraphs and headings highlight homogeneous elements with paragraphs steps actions. There is no visual noise. The abundance of fonts.

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