Post Type and Format Essentially

Post Type and Format Essentially

Papers a few weeks in advance Mium. Usually content plans are collect in a table where to look for the topic of the post and content plan: word count. It will help to gauge the interest of the Internet audience on the topic – The number of words. Forums and Q&A services. They will help understand the nes of your audience and see the problems they face most often. Blogs and mia. What are competitors and mia in your field writing about? Google Trends. Allows you to gauge what people are saying about Topic of interest and view top news. Инфоповоды. What is ask most often in comments and write in reviews? Neural networks. They will help you find a list of simple topics on any issue. Idea’s generator. Use the telegram bot.

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Gennady which will suggest an idea for publication Panama Phone Number List in social networks. A content matrix will help in creating topics – a table , keys, scenarios for using the product or ideas are stor. For more information on how to work with them, see the article “Content Matrix: how to compose and work with the tool.” There are various proportions of publications in the content plan, which can be a guideline, but not a rule. For example, a fe might be % engaging, % ucational, % user-generat, and % promotional content. But each company sets its own limits, and recently such formulas are not us at all. In our course “-manager: from zero to pro in months”, which was compil by practitioners, we analyze in detail time management, content planning and work.

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With statistics. Choose a , a post type is AERO Leads the purpose of a post. The post can be: Selling. Description of goods, promotions, discounts, posters, lead magnets, product news. Informational. News, research, notes, messages. Engaging. Polls, discussions, questions, comparisons, direct appeals to the audience. Entertaining. Selections, humor, comics, games. ucational. Instructions, guides, answers to questions. Custom. Reviews, customer stories. You can see examples of posts and learn more in the article “Instructions on the types of content for social networks and not only.

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