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Then it’s hard to understand how good they are – you can get a lot of likes, but zero conversions to the site, and then be confus as to why that happen and what to do about it. So set your goals before you create your posts and ask why you ne them on your page. Relat article: All About Content: Creation and Promotion. Research Your Target a group of people unit by a common characteristic and is the target audience for the publication. Knowing your target audience is very useful for communicating your message effectively, observing tone and theme. First, knowing people’s age, location, and interests is enough. For demographics.

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Statistical data within the social network will help determine – for example, provide data on the average age of subscribers and where they live.  audience statistics are more difficult. You can focus on segments bas on your company’s strategy. Segmentation Norway Phone Number List helps you stand out from your competitors and target specific groups. For example: Posts are creat for business owners and managers – professionals who are looking for new ways to optimize their work. These posts are aim at young people who want to “get in”. Posts are creat for people who like to cook but don’t like to buy products. You can identify market segments.

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Through surveys and consumer market AERO Leads research. A quick analysis of social networks Will help with parser – subscribing to groups and communities. For example, you can find out which publications your audience reads most, which will help form tastes and Awareness of interests. Determining the topic of the post Topics can be pick from the ceiling, but it is better to have a content plan – a list of publications that will be publish on social networks. One of the most important parameters for effective publishing is its frequency. A content plan helps Plan your publication, link topics together, build your pipeline, plan warmups and decide what to post today. Developing a content plan takes some effort: you’ll ne to decide ahead of time on topics and types of posts, then spread them out into.

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