Los Angeles auto accident Things to know

Los Angeles auto accident Things to know

Most accidents in Los Angeles result from negligent and distracted driving. People often do not follow the basic on-road safety norms, causing accidents, collisions, and crashes that were definitely preventable. Immediately after an accident, you may have questions on your mind. In this post, check some basic aspects related to state laws and why you need to hire a car accident lawyer in Los Angeles. In most cases, the answer is yes. The state laws require you to file a report with the California DMV within 10 days if the accident involves injury, death, or serious property damage.

How long do you have to Los Angeles auto file a civil

This is determined by the statute of limitations. The typical Turkey Mobile Number List deadline is just two years for most personal injury cases in California, including auto accident lawsuits. If your claim is against a government employee or agency, the deadline is six months. Note that this deadline starts from the date of the crash. How long will it take to settle the case? There is no one answer for that. If your injuries are non-catastrophic in nature, you can expect to get your settlement within six months. If a lawsuit is filed and a trial is necessary, it can take much longer, often as long as 18 months or more.

What if the accident involved an uninsured motorist

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In such cases, you can file a lawsuit against the party and hope USA Phone Number List to enforce the judgment. However, if your insurance has coverage for this. You can file a claim with your insurer and seek compensation for your losses. Every case is different, and it makes sense to talk to an attorney. About the worth and scope of your accident claim.  the deadline is six months. Note that this deadline starts from the date of the crash.

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