Causes of Pressure Cooker Explosion

Causes of Pressure Cooker Explosion

Pressure cookers are popular kitchen tools used by people all over the world. It helps cook food quickly with the help of heat and pressure. While this kitchen item has been in use for hundreds of years, it has recently started showing up in the news due to the various lawsuits filed by people. Due to manufacturing and design defects, pressure cookers have caused various accidents and caused severe injuries. Some common accidents include burns, splashed liquids, and explosions. A pressure cooker accident lawyer can look into the situation and fight for your compensation.

Why do pressure cookers Causes of Pressure explode

One of the most common reasons pressure cookers Vietnam Mobile Number List explode is due to manufacturing and design defects. When a kitchen item is defective, it can cause problems. When water boils inside a pressure cooker, it releases heat, pressure, and steam that gets collected inside it. The more the heat, the more the pressure and steam are. A properly designed and made pressure cooker can withhold this steam and pressure without malfunctioning. However, a cooker with a defective design may not be able to take so much pressure and explode.

Common defects found in malfunctioning pressure cookers

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Some of the common defects often found in exploding UK Phone Number List pressure cookers include the following. Inadequate venting: If there is insufficient space for venting or no room for the excess steam to come out, the pressure cooker can explode. Inadequate liquid seals: Seals that do not properly close the lid can cause the inside content and liquids to splash out and burn your body. A faulty gasket can result in the premature opening of the pot and cause burns.

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