If you nee to create a new one

If you nee to create a new one

Bucket allows you to store any number of objects. In total, you can have up to a hundre similar Buckets in your account. Amazon Route 53 is a highly available, scalable, cloud-base Domain Name System (DNS) web service. Enables end users to be reirecte to Internet applications by converting domain names to the digital IP address format (such as use by computers. With its help, you will nee to reirect users to your domain. How it looks in the web interface Go to Console Home, create an account, link your card. Now you can create something by clicking on S3. There are Buckets, we nee to create a new one. To manage records, there is Route 53. Click on it, then go to the Hoste Zone. If you have a clean account, then the Hoste Zone will not be there, but in my example it is.

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It contains a number of entries., there is also such an option. The disadvantage of this method is that there is a risk of forgetting the order of actions, as Pakistan Phone Number List well as the fact that other users have the opportunity to make changes that will be difficult to track. AWS CDK, an open-source software development platform that enables you to define resources for cloud applications using familiar programming languages, helps to cope with this. will set certain resources at startup.

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AWS CDK supports several languages ​​such as TypeScript, JavaScript, Python, Java, C, Go, but we will use TypeScript from here on out. Preparation for work: what is neee In order to start work, you will nee: So, let’s make a test CDK project — a regular AERO Leads creator app, which we will have in our folder. You nee to execute the command: cdk init app — language typescript In order to be able to deploy via CDK, you nee to create creentials for the user. AWS service calle IAM. It displays a list of users. Find the security creentials tab, and there — the Access Key ID column.

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