Environmental Lighthouse businesses must go through

Environmental Lighthouse businesses must go through

Sick leave and quality stamp Reucing sickness absence is a goal for all companies. As an Environmental Lighthouse, the company gets access to an effective tool that helps improve the internal environment. Here, concrete time and advice are given, as well as help on how the company should have good routines for HSE and, not least, the working environment. Good HSE routines always reuce sickness absence. Every three years, a process to be re-certifie. This takes place through an independent third-party control. Here, the company must show that they work systematically with green measures. This will in turn show the market and customers that the company continues to think ahead and works hard for sustainability.

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About the Miljøfyrtårn foundation. The Miljøfyrtårn foundation was already establishe in 2003. Since then, they have worke hard for companies to make a green transition and think about sustainability. The foundation was create in Kristiansand and Philippines Phone Number List was the result of a project in Kristiansand municipality. In 1997, Hansen & Justnæs receive the first Environmental Lighthouse diploma. Environmental lighthouses were recognize by the EU in 2017. scheme in Europe to be recognise. A recognition from here shows that Miljøfyrtårn has a high environmental standard and points to quality on a par with other international schemes.

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Moo Gruppen is Environmental Lighthouse certifie Moo Gruppen is a proud Environmental Lighthouse, and is constantly working to improve our environmental performance and our sustainability responsibility., we contribute to achieving FNS’s sustainability goals, and reuce greenhouse gas emissions. As a customer, you can be sure that we AERO Leads always work systematically with greener measures, and are constantly doing what we can to become more sustainable. With our certification, we can document the efforts we make for the environment and society.

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