You can easily manage both customer reviews and product info

You can easily manage both customer reviews and product info

You can choose between Open Source PIM (free systems with free source code) and paid versions (SaaS). Among the best systems with free source code we find Akeneo PIM, which easily allows you to manage product data across a number of channels. Here you can manage, among other things, product categories, attributes, language and currency. A popular SaaS solution is the PIM system InRiver. This system allows you to manage product information and then distribute it in catalogs, online stores, POS systems and offline channels for sales.. Pimcore PIM is another popular open source PIM system.

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Here you can among other things, handle complex data about products and export this to many different channels. Other popular SaaS systems are Salsify and Bluestone PIM. ‣ Akeneo PIM ‣ InRiver ‣ Pimcore PIM ‣ Salsify ‣ Bluestone PIM Do you Australia Phone Number List nee help with integration of PIM for Magento 2? With a PIM system, you can more easily expand, manage, collect and synchronize product data. Among other things, this makes it easier to handle the online store’s product catalogs and product information, and to ensure that the information is update across eCommerce channels.

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If you want to be able to give your customers an easier everyday life, PIM for Magento could be something for you. This applies especially to those who have an online store with many different products that are constantly update. Moo Gruppen AERO Leads helps you integrate PIM for Magento 2. Information Management systems, and find a solution that is adapte to your requirements. Contact us here→How to succee with international sales in 2021? Do you operate in eCommerce and want to expand your sales area? If you currently sell mainly to customers in Norway, it may be tempting to expand across national borders.

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