With friends Goals or

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Keeping track of various industry news and creating content that is appropriate and linked to our business. And sharing it will make readers have a positive attitude with our content. put some fun into it Even though our business is serious. But ontent, you should relax a little by using friendly words, being friends, finding pictures or stories that create fun without stress. Let’s post some from time to time. Use Video Content Video has quickly become a popular content format in the online world. There are many research results both domestically and internationally that Content in the form of video can generate over 80% of the traffic on the Internet and can also generate viral. T

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Herefore, using video content as one of the Iraq Email List strategies Content It’s really interesting. Persona is a fictional or ideal character. That we created from the brand’s research. To identify the types of users who are likely to use our products or services. By creating a persona, we understand the user’s experience, needs, behaviors and goals. Creating a character can help you realize that Different people have different needs and expectations, and Persona can help us achieve our goal of creating a great user experience.

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For our target group of users. Let’s look AERO Leads at a simple template to find a persona. Persona Template Persona search includes age range information. This will allow us to know what generation that person is in, what career information that person has. what level of education Where do you live? What is your status? That is the general information that is required. In order to share the market share, but persona has deeper details on other matters as follows Interests or interests.

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