That consumers will remember

That consumers will remember

That tells your brand how well it can meet the nes of customers. At the level of society and psychology, such as social responsibility. The experience can come directly from using the product or service. Including indirectly hearing from friends or family Step Brand Response ( what do customers think or feel about our brand . Brand Response The third step is how customers respond to our brand, consisting of groups. Judgments and Feelings, which can be divid into categories: Quality (Quality) Customers judge us bas on their perception of the quality of the products receiv.

With the brand both when

Cribility (Cribility) Customers judge our brand cribility Bolivia Phone Number List from Expertise Honesty and friendliness Consideration : The customer is bas on the connection between the brand and his or her nes. superiority (Superiority) Customers consider how our brand is superior to competitors. Customers respond to brands From the way the brand lets customers know how the brand feels. There are six positive brand sentiments: feel warm fun excitement feel safe feel accept by people in society and self respect Step Relationship with the brand ( how much the customer wants to contact us  Brand Resonance Finally.

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Buying and not buying

Arguably the hardest and most desirable AERO Leads step for a brand: the desire to have an inseparable relationship with its customers. which is a psychological relationship that can be divid into groups: brand loyalty Or returning to buy again is a normal behavior of this group of people. attitude connection or that customers like or love our brand who saw how special we are The collective consciousness of community , or how customers feel they belong with people who are connect to the brand. Both other customers, including employees or representatives of the company. Engaging with the brand all the time , or having customers engage in various activities.

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