The form of using graphs

The form of using graphs

The identit the connection between the brand and the consumer even stronger. and not contrary to the mental feeling For example, Disney’s logo uses characters with stripes like cartoons. looks cute Fun, perfectly link to the personality of the brand. color tone selection is important Each tone has a different meaning. May choose to use only color as the main color or have a secondary color and other colors that are us in combination. The choice of colors is quite diverse. Some brands choose to use primary colors as the main ones.

Capitalize whole words.

For easy recognition, such as r, yellow, blue, some Bulgaria Phone Number List brands are bas on the type of business, such as clean food. Focusing on green tones, cars, blue, gray, silver, black and must be Pantone with a reference color code to make it easier to use. When we get the desir color tone also us with letterheads website design, etc. Do we ever have the feeling that Why does this type of book look so old-fashion? This type of text doesn’t look modern. This type of text looks futuristic. That is why the text can indicate The personality of the brand (Brand Personality) as well.

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That shows the identity

The fonts that brands should choose should not AERO Leads use generic fonts. There should be a new design to match the personality of the brand. Especially when the logo contains text. The more you have to give a lot of importance And there should be to alternate fonts for use in designing various mia as well. Choosing to use or design the text should be simple Do not use multiple letters mix together. Do not use different fonts, such as head and headless (serif and sans-serif) characters. . Not too big and not too small. Try to position the text to the left.

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