Use an Email Marketing Checklist: The Secret to a Successful Campaign

Use an Email Marketing Checklist: The Secret to a Successful Campaign

Raise your hand if you’ve left an important item for vacation at home – and only realized after you were 30,000 feet in the air hurtling toward your destination. ::raised hands:: Chances are, you didn’t have a list (or you totally forgot to check it).

That’s kind of what it’s like to launch a big campaign without following an email marketing checklist.

A list is such a basic tool, it may seem unnecessary if you’ve done it all before. But consider this… NASA uses checklists before it launches astronauts into space, and surgeons use them before they start cutting people open. While email marketing isn’t rocket science or brain surgery, it certainly has its share of complexities. (By that we mean it’s easy to mess things up.)

Enter: The email marketing checklist. Let’s find out how this simple solution can help you avoid email marketing disasters and see the sort of results you expect from you next campaign.

Why do you need an email marketing checklist?

We’ve all been there: You’ve worked for days – maybe even weeks – to create and finalize what you believe to be the perfect Hong Kong Phone Number Data  promotional email. Mere minutes after hitting the send button, you notice a glaring mistake that slipped through the cracks. “

Maybe it looks super funky in a popular email client.

phone number list

Perhaps you didn’t consider how your email looks in . Or maybe you forgot to  on images, and the email isn’t accessible for anyone with image downloading turned off. It seems like a million things could go wrong. The sinking feeling sets in that whatever the mistake was could very well impact your brand’s reputation, ROI, or even your future X Ouch.

No matter how many times you’ve sent an email campaign, or how much of an expert developer you are, an email marketing checklist helps improve your chances of success. In the medical world, researcher Atul Gawande found that doctors that use checklists to remind themselves of even simple tasks, such as washing hands, have been known to line occupations like emergency response teams, astronauts, and racecar drivers…it’s worth giving it a shot. Here’s how to incorporate one into your email marketing workflow:

How to build a comprehensive email marketing checklist

Aero leadsexisting workflow. What’s working? What  Aero leads could be improved? A good checklist helps you move through the entire email marketing lifecycle so you don’t miss a single item. We’ve put together one you can start using now. Grab a PDF below and use it to check off your tasks (print or digital).

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