We ne to understand

We ne to understand

Easy to understand, not complicat, and ust be clear with the brand’s position. Brand positioning must be unique. That should not be repeat with competitors that enter the minds of consumers. Brand positioning must create desire. and satisfaction This will create an opportunity to buy products from consumers. Brand positioning must deliver on the brand’s promises without distortion. Which if unable to deliver those things will immiately ruce the value of the brand. Brand positioning requires consumers to be able to tell the difference between our brand and the competitors in the market. If consumers are unable to recognize the difference. All the things that the brand has plann may have to sit and analyze again.

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Types of brand positioning There are Singapore Phonehttps://www.latestdatabase.com/singapore-phone-number-list/ Number List basically three types of brand positioning: functional positioning, symbolic positioning, and experience positioning. (Experiential Positioning) Let’s see how each type is. Functional Positioning Positioning that focuses on the features of the product or service. that focuses on the features of the product or service and take this point as the value of the brand that can fulfill the nes and desires of customers, such as the use of outstanding product features Using secondary properties of the product product utilization Using price to position the brand and can also.

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Bring the problems that customers encounter to create a different point in brand positioning that can solve problems for customers Examples of brands that position their brand bas on product attributes include mobile phone brands, computer brands, detergent brands. Think about a brand of computer, such as IMac, we will think about the quality of the raw materials us, fast processing, more expensive than other brands. That’s where the brand is position. and reflecting on the perception of consumers.

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