They occur in the case of incorrectly configure servers

They occur in the case of incorrectly configure servers

We write assignments. We specify clarifications to the task. Here it is worth mentioning all the additional clarifications that may be – this will make the answer as relevant as possible for your case. We create different rooms for questions on different topics. With each question, ChatGPT learns and forms its opinion base on the previous questions you aske. If your questions relate to different areas, for example, security testing and management, then it is worth asking them in separate rooms, so as not to get a confusing answer.

Therefore you must delete your outdated services

Types of vulnerabilities Network and library vulnerabilities and the use of libraries from developers that may contain vulnerable components. If such a library is use in an application and only one component is vulnerable, the entire application becomes Saudi Arabia Phone Number List vulnerable. Because of this vulnerability, it was spread notPetya virus in 2017. How does it work? We have a web application that contains a backend, frontend, database, and microservices. Microservices can also have their own frameworks that they work on. At some point, we decide that this version of our application is outdate, we want to move to a new one, and maybe even to a new database.

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The same scheme works both

So we’re moving, but we don’t have the time or money to take the old database off the Internet. If an attacker scans our application and finds the database, he will be able to get an exploit into it without hindrance. with the backend and with AERO Leads microservices., libraries and databases. What a query should look like for ChatGPT to find vulnerabilities of this type. The nmap tool has a variety of plugins, and you can even ask ChatGPT to tell you how to use a particular plugin with nmap. He remembers the topic you talke about last time.

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