When we see the siren

When we see the siren

Of the customer group, is an adventurous person or not. Introvert or extrovert Is it fun or serious? An example of Apple’s Brand Identity Prism. Source: https:.pinterestpin Today’s customers are always looking for the same. Or reflect an identity that is close to his personality, so the expression of the brand image that. Can be link to the identity of the customer group will become a successful brand. The brand image or brand image is what the customer thinks of. Including thoughts on that brand It comes from a brand’s beliefs and perspectives.

If our identity or identity

This is the result of creating identity (Identity), Values ​​(Values) and personality of the brand. (Personality) and ingrients that create Brand Image in the eyes of customers Switzerland WhatsApp Number List What’s up? Being able to come out as a brand image comes from parts together, which are Components of Brand ImBrand Identity is the identity or identity of the brand. It is something that companies create to present their brand identity. of the company, the first front for customers to see, such as the brand name, logo, slogan, brochure, brochure, billboard, business card, letterhead.

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Contact surface Behavioral Identity

Brand Identity also It is relat to other AERO Leads parts of the company, such as the products or services provid to customers. Tnd possible from the vision brand positioning Brand relationship with customers brand personality brand value brand concept product or service features Quality of products or services to various after-sales services. Brand Identity creation is necessary to create a relationship between the brand and the customer. Brand Identity can be divid into groups as follows : Graphic Identity such as logos, pictures, text, colors, patterns Sensorial Identity or identity that can be touch by the five senses, namely form, taste, smell, sound, touch, and also includes appearance.

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