The most interesting thing about management

The most interesting thing about management

At that time, the idea appeare to transfer to another university for a technical specialty. After the first semester, I returne to Ukraine for the summer, applie to the Faculty of Informatics and Computer Engineering at KPI, entere there, and staye in Kyiv. In the second year, she starte working as a backend developer in a service company. At a certain point, it simply ran out of projects for me, and I was offere to learn how to write applications for Android or iOS. I’ve always love the design of iOS apps, so the choice was obvious. It was not difficult to learn new skills with programming experience.

I have additional management

That’s how I switche to iOS development, which I’m still doing. In 2021, I was invite to an interview at PlantIn , and within a month I already receive an offer. At the PlantIn office Currently, my position is Engineering Lead iOS – a team of three Sweden Phone Number List specialists. In our area of ​​responsibility, there are two plant identification applications — PlantIn and Carl . As a leader, tasks: conducting review meetings, one-on-ones, consulting engineers, etc. “You never know what will happen to you” I was intereste in testing myself as a leader, even of a small team. At first I was a manager of one developer, I had a trial period in this position.

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In addition in the first weeks

At that time, there were no clear criteria and tasks specifically in terms of management for me, so I made up my own workflow. I starte from what I notice AERO Leads when I was a developer – what can be adde or change in the processes for greater efficiency. of my trial period as a lead, we had a position for a new iOS engineer. She also mastere hiring, onboarding, etc. is that you never know what might happen to you.

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