The environmental lighthouse works

The environmental lighthouse works

This is reassuring when you have to deal with things in the store front, such as security, mobile friendliness, hosting and the like. With the customer’s nees in focus Why is it important to have a well-functioning storefront if you operate headless eCommerce? Yes, because this helps you to adapt the online store to the nees of consumers. A store front for headless eCommerce gives you a modern approach to online shopping, where the customer is always in focus. The company’s storefront can be adapte as your company changes, or if you add new services and products. You get flexibility and the opportunity to adapt the online store to the customers’ nees and the company’s technological solutions.

The environment and society

This makes it easier to meet the customers’ high demands and expectations. oo Gruppen environmental lighthouse certification Moo Gruppen is a proud Environmental Lighthouse and works hard to think about sustainability and show social responsibility. We have receive Environmental Lighthouse certification, which will make it easier for us India Phone Number List to succee in a green transition. As Miljøfyrtårn, we emphasize improving our environmental performance within the working environment, energy use, transport, purchasing and waste management. This is a certificate that can document environmental efforts and the work we put into our sustainable measures.

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This is also a tool that makes it easier

What is the Environmental Lighthouse? The environmental lighthouse is the most widely use certificate in Norway within environmental efforts and AERO Leads social responsibility. Miljøfyrtårn is a certificate that documents that the business makes its efforts for. This certificate is also recognize by the authorities.for companies to succee with a green transition so that the business for a digital system where specific tools are available. These tools help the company to improve its environmental performance and to work more purposefully towards a green transition.

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