The employees can work on various things

The employees can work on various things

This can be seen in contrast to traditional storefront solutions. Where changes are usually only made during the store’s opening hours. The ability to make changes anytime (and anywhere) increases the chance that customers will shop with you. Storefront for headless. Commerce When we talk about a storefront for headless eCommerce, on the other hand, the storefront is a separate and independent part that is not connecte to your eCommerce platform in any way. The headless development allows for more flexibility and agility, and you can easily change content in the eCommerce platform without this affecting the online store’s storefront in any way.

No apps are connect to the front-end

Storefront’s importance in modern headless. eCommerce Are you wondering why storefronts are important in modern eCommerce?. The online shop’s storefront can almost be considere a separate layer that lies above the applications. Won’t this make Indonesia Phone Number List work flow and driving between employees more difficult? No. All back-end apps are designe so that on the store front. Therefore, it will still be possible to work with applications if you have the right store front, and the workflow will not be affecte. Good workflow Imagine that you are responsible for the buying experience. You will then be able to work with the eCommerce system.

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All changes that are made will automatically

Ensure that the search function and. Payment solutions work optimally for the customer. Marketers will still be able to work with content and ads. be AERO Leads displaye in the storefront via the system’s API. This contributes to increase efficiency, since the various teams will not be dependent on each other. The UX designers, on the other hand, can continue to make changes to the design and improve the customer experience, completely independent of the API and data.

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