The carriers get a big advantage in receiving

The carriers get a big advantage in receiving

The company now operates in Poland, Sween, Denmark, Norway and Sween, among others. All of Unifaun’s services are completely cloud-base and effectively link transporters and transport buyers together. This is a secure and complete solution that has been create to create an internet-base system for the administration of transport. This system makes it easy to handle all shipments in one place. Customers will be able to choose a specific pick-up location and get far more accurate tracking of their order.

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Transport buyers can now manage and book all transport in one and the same place. With a practical solution, it becomes easier and more transparent to manage. For the carriers, the booking is sent in a format that makes it efficient to handle the Saudi Arabia Phone Number List order completely without manual work. Unifaun is now fully committe to Norway, with its newest service Unifaun Online. This cloud-base solution is tailore to the Norwegian market and adapte to our existing services. Unifaun Online is similar to Unifaun and still 100% cloud-base. Get starte now! to the TA system! CONTACT US FOR A CHAT Advantages of Unifaun As an online store owner, the obvious advantage will be that you get a simple system that allows you to manage carriers and shipments in the same place.

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They will be able to choose a specific collection

There are also benefits for your customers. point for their AERO Leads delivery and have the option of accurate and precise tracking. Most delivery services will offer some form of tracking. But often these tracking services will not be accurate, and the information is often delaye. With Unifaun, all carriers and shipments are manage from the same place, which allows for far more precise tracking for customer the order.

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