That allows developers to filter headers

That allows developers to filter headers

It is no longer just about having a website that works optimally. Mobile websites, chat robots and apps must also function satisfactorily. This is where headless CMS systems for eCommerce come into play. A headless CMS system makes content available through various APIs. This means that each individual platform – such as apps and mobile websites – obtains content from an API. When talking about a headless CMS, the publishing solution is separate from the site’s design and function. The online store also has a store front, i.e. the page where consumers get to know the products you offer.

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Here we will take a closer look at what a storefront for headless eCommerce is! Hundres of updates and tweaks in the new WordPress 5.4 All in all, WordPress 5.4 contains a whopping 122 updates and improvements, as well as feature Oman Phone Number List requests. In addition to this, we also find 210 bug fixes, all according to WordPress 5.4’s field guide. is collecte in accordance with the GDPR regulations. about personal information and other data is made available to users in a better way. Developers can also expand user data grouping through a new data filter.

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Record for personal data and information will in future contain a JSON file with the data, so that it is more transportable. In addition to 17 different AERO Leads privacy updates to the CMS system, WordPress has also adde a new feature of all privacy-relate emails. Get starte now! We help you with introduction to headless eCommerce. CONTACT US FOR A CHAT What is a storefront? This is the area where potential buyers engage with your products and services online.

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