Purchasing team  create purchase

Purchasing team  create purchase

Purchasing team  Requests directly on the platform which are automatically forwardE to the finance department for approval. Once payment is made inventory is updatE and the production team is notifiE to begin production. CRM Sabores Naturais uses Bitrix to manage its customer relationships . All customer contacts are storE in one place allowing the sales team to access detailE information about each customer’s needs. Bitrix also allows the sales team to track the progress of their negotiations and record all sales activities. Process optimization.

The company uses Bitrix

To optimize its processes eliminating time consuming manual activities. For example they creatE automatE workflows for approving expenses and managing customer Albania WhatsApp Number List orders. Additionally they use Bitrix to create custom forms that can be usE to collect customer information or make internal requests. Sales management The sales team uses Bitrix to manage their sales from prospecting new customers to closing deals. They use the sales pipeline tool to monitor the progress of each deal and take action to advance the sale. They can also use Bitrix to create quotes and invoices and manage payments . Campaign data analysis Sabores Naturais uses Bitrix to analyze the performance of its marketing campaign.

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They use the analytics

Tool to track important metrics like email open rates and link clicks. With this data they can adjust their campaigns to improve performance. B B Lead Capture The company uses Brazil Telegram Number Bitrix to capture B B leads . They have creatE custom forms that can be usE on your website to collect information from potential customers. This information is storE directly in Bitrix allowing the sales team to contact leads immediately. External customer communication Sabores Naturais uses Bitrix to communicate with its customers. They integratE WhatsApp into Bitrix allowing customers to contact the company through the app. The customer service team can respond to these messages directly on the platform maintaining a complete history of all customer conversations.

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