Style and design price Imagery

Style and design price Imagery

There are four steps to building value with Keller’s Brand Equity Model. So what does this model look like? Let’s see. Keller’s Brand Equity Model Keller’s Brand Equity Model Keller’s Brand Equity Model is also known as the consumer value model. (Customer-Bas Brand Equity (CBBE)) is defin by marketing professor Kevin Lane Keller. This model is a model that will help you better plan your brand management strategy. d Equity Model is easy to explain, it is that we will create a brand that is valuable. to be a strong brand in the eyes of consumers We ne to know what customers think and feel about brands.

Durability of products and services

Including our products and services In order to create Benin Phone Number List the right experience for various elements of the brand. That will result in increasing the opportunity to buy our products or services more. So how do we build strong brand value? Step : Brand identity or identity (Who is our brand?) – Brand Identity The first step is building awareness (Brand Salience) or awareness to ensure that our brand has a solid name. Customers remember who we are that is not just creating an identity alone But we also want our customers to recognize our brand in what way.

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Efficiency of Service and caring

That must be creat to be different from AERO Leads competitors and communicate to customers that our brand can meet the nes of customers. Step Brand Meaning ( What is our brand? ) – step is that we have to identify and communicate to customers what our brand means. What do we mean by brand? In this step, there will be another parts: Performance (Performance) and Image (Imagery). Performance (Performance) describes how the quality of the product or service meets the nes of customers. Which efficiency consists of groups, namely features and properties Reliability.

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