Perhaps you want to send item with their next purchase

Perhaps you want to send item with their next purchase

It is for example, possible to send out automatic text messages and e-mails to customers. This is a tool that makes it possible to get more satisfie customers, since it becomes easier to follow up with customers after a purchase. Or ? The possibilities are many. Unifie commerce can also be use as an internal communication tool within the company. Customer service will, for example, be able to more easily find answers to various questions customers have, since all information is available in one place. Update information about customers With unifie commerce, a retailer will be able to get a full overview of its customers.

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Dealers will normally upload information to central departments at the end of the day. This means that the customer information may be incomplete. who Brazil Phone Number List do not have an integrate, central database of customer data or information about clients, as this is store in separate systems. This makes it even more difficult to get an overview. By having one central and clear database, everyone across the company will have update information about customers at all times.

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Simple analysis Unifie commerce also makes it possible to analyze customer data and gain a better understanding of customer behaviour. Perhaps you see a pattern where customers do research via mobile devices, while the actual purchase AERO Leads usually takes place at physical outlets? You can also see whether the entire purchase process is complete online, via online shopping. By getting an overview of things like this, it will be easier for you to be able to give the customer the necessary information at the right time, at various points in the purchase process.

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