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Paid or organic The best option for your business What results can your business have with SEO analysis of competitors Competitive intelligence can become a revolutionary capability for companies that are looking to optimize their performance in the digital environment thus accelerating their growth . Therefore decision making becomes much easier and optimized. To assist in this process there are traffic analysis tools that offer estimates of desktop and mobile traffic for any website as well as providing statistics on user behavior and traffic sources. As a result this data allows strategists to analyze a competitor’s total marketing strategy estimating a partner’s growth capabilities exploring new markets and building arguments based on real analytical marketing.

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Check the performance metrics of their own website — which in itself is already very advantageous as you can have an overview of the main metrics on your digital channel that receives the most organic flow . On the other hand traffic analysis Macedonia Phone Number List tools were developed to allow you to access this same information only from your competitors . As a result you can compare your website traffic and user behavior against other competitors. Request your FREE SEO competition DIAGNOSIS How to perform competition analysis in SEO With the right data and thorough analysis even the most basic information can become valuable insights if you look at it from the right angle.

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Information about your user’s behavior designing the right strategies to reach the audience that really matches your persona. But after all what should you consider before carrying out a competition analysis Therefore here are some of the main Ethiopia Telegram Number features that you should know to carry out a competition analysis on websites that is really interesting for the growth of your organization . Many of these features you can also find in Semrush tools . Audience behavior To analyze the quality of traffic a competitor gets and draw some conclusions about the efficiency of their digital marketing activities you can — and should — analyze pages visits and bounce rates.

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