This change can be good for ongoing operations

This change can be good for ongoing operations

On days with a lot of high-quality traffic, your budget can be doubled, and your total costs will be evened out on days with less spend than your daily budget. You won’t be charged more than the average number of days in a month (30.4) multiplied by your average daily budget. , but for short-term promotions, it can negatively impact the distribution of budgets and control of spending. 14. Promotion Extensions November2017 Every year, Google releases new ad extensions on the Display Network. In 2016, an extension of messages and prices appeared, last year it was possible to present special offers in the form of an extension of the promotion.

Thanks to the new extension

The possible types of promotions are: “amount discount”, “percentage discount”, “maximum discount amount”, “maximum discount percentage”. In addition, you can refine Latest Mailing Database the offer by the minimum order amount or the use of a specific discount code (as in the graphic below). Source: adwordsoogleblog, 05/01/2018. Promotion extensions can be general or specific to an occasion: New Year’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day. Labor Day, Start of School, Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday, Christmas and Boxing Day.

Custom Intent Audiences November2017

Latest Mailing Database

Custom Intent Audiences is a new category that lets you define a matched audience for your products or services. To set targeting, you must pre-define Aero Leads keywords, URLs, apps or YouTube videos related to your business. Source: Adwords Google blog. Audience Aero Leads categories will also be created automatically. Based on the statistics available in your account. For now, however, they are only available in English. 16. Life events November2017 Life Events is a new audience targeting option available for YouTube and Gmail campaigns. Thanks to it, you can reach users in whose life an event has happened or will happen. In the near future, such as: moving house, graduation or wedding.

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