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You have already come across the following question: if-you is studied at the faculty of Pedagogy? The pedagogue is the professional who works in the education of children and also in the literacy of young people and adults. As a result, this professional’s studies go through several fields, such as educational psychology, teaching methodologies, educational public policies and much more. In this article, we will present the main contents worked on in a graduation in.

Pedagogy in addition to bringing details about.

The structure of the course and the if-you possibilities. Stay with us! Here you will see: What is pedagogy? What is studied at the Faculty of Pedagogy? What is the Pedagogy course like? Pedagogy student profile Areas of professional Croatia Mobile Number List of a pedagogue How much does a pedagogue earn? Where to study Pedagogy with a scholarship Find out if EAD is for you! What is pedagogy? Pedagogy is a field of knowledge dedicated to the study of education, with the aim of understanding the teaching and learning processes.

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This area seeks to understand how people learn.

Wat are the factors that influence this process and how educators can improve their practice to ensure that students reach their if-you potential. Thus, we can say that pedagogy is a very broad area, which ranges from theory to educational practice. Aero Leads it, it is possible to understand the different types of education, from early childhood education to adult education, and also the different teaching methodologies. Pedagogy is also concerned with studying educational public policies and how they affect education in different countries and contexts.