Idea is to avoid making decisions

Data because this could take you away from what you already know or believe about the market or your For example checking your XML sitemap and identifying metadata with low CPR are includ in an advancSEO audit. Evaluation of the Identify and fix duplicate content Google is smart enough to know whether or not you are intentionally and maliciously duplicating your website content to clog the SERP with your website URLs. Therefore it is important that you carry out a complete analysis to correct this type of duplication. Otherwise this could penalize your website and you will not be able to rank for the terms you are inter in harming the profitability of your business.

Always check that meta tags

Meta tags consist of a meta title and a meta description. They help Google determine the content of the page it is crawling and are two of the biggest factors Google takes into Finland Phone Number List account when determining the ranking order of pages. They also help users searching search results determine the content of your page and as such act as promotions for your content. Using your vertical specific keyword research write and rewrite your meta tags making sure to optimize them for the keywords that will help them appear in search. Especially with meta tags although this is also important for the overall website copy you want to avoid keyword stuffing for the sake of keyword compression also known as keyword stuffing.

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Titles Google displays

The first characters of your title. After that he truncates the title with an ellipsis. Not only can this lead to vital keywords being omitted from tracking but it also doesn’t look good on the Japan Whatsapp Number SERP. Keep your titles under characters and % of them will avoid truncation. Descriptions The ideal description length has fluctuated in recent years but today it sits at . In terms of content here’s a formula to live by target keyword + auxiliary keywords if natural + descriptors + call to action on the money. Therefore “SEO audits are difficult. Make specific optimizations Even small updates to a page tell Google that it should crawl that page.

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