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Should be clear what the posts will be about in what direction the channel is moving and what values ​​it has. You also ne to choose a clear avatar for the channel. When everything is ready click on “Next”. Select a channel type and enter a short link for the public channel. Here you ne to choose whether the channel is clos invitation by invite) or public anyone can join). If the channel is public it’s worth considering a short link where people can find it. When everything is ready click Next. Select the channel type settings and prepare the short link A channel subscriber. If you don’t plan to invite friends you can skip this step. To do so click Next”. everything’s ready. if you want change title description avatar; change promotion settings.

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Add or change short link. ne to click on the Taiwan Phone Number List avatar and then when the group profile opens click on it. Now you know how to create a new channel and add new subscribers to it instantly from your phone for free in 201. How to create a new Telegram Channels Now let’s take a closer look at how to design a channel that looks good and is easy to understand. Names. You can use Cyrillic and Latin punctuation and emoji. Maximum size is characters but only viewable to about characters. It is recommend to use keywords relat to your business topic or product in the title. This will help you get into the search results within the description.

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In this section you can also use any symbols and AERO Leads emoticons Also – links to and external sites. You can also include hashtags here for example sections within the discussion channel. The maximum length is characters.  are contacts but it is difficult to describe. Not yet It’s clear what the channel will broadcast here instead there are contacts but it’s hard to describe. It’s not clear what the channel will broadcast In this section you can’t just talk about channels. You can also specify your site address admin’s contact or owner of the channel – for example discuss ads. You can link to other channels or chat in. Everything here is perfect – both pictures and descriptions.

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