Here is an excerpt from it The aim of the European

Here is an excerpt from it The aim of the European

Over 67% of Britons voted to remain in the structure of the then European Economic Community. It was the first – and as history has shown, not the last – vote of no confidence directed at officials sitting in Brussels. Another manifestation of “Eurosceptism” towards the EU was Margaret Thatcher’s last speech as Prime Minister of Great Britain, in November 1990. Central Bank is to be non-democratic and take power away from each parliament and to have a single currency, monetary policy and interest rates, which takes away our political power. […] Yes, the (European) Commission wants to increase its power.

Yes it’s an unelected body and I don’t want

It to increase power at the expense of this House, so obviously we’re different. 1 b) Results of the 2016 referendum Another and final objection to the participation of the United Kingdom in the activities of the Union was the referendum of 23 June 2016, in which the British decided to leave the Union by a relatively small number of votes. 2 A slight database advantage in the number of votes resulted in more questions than answers. In addition, Scotland’s long-term desire to declare independence from the government in London found its tangible proof in the results of the referendum, where the majority of Scots voted to remain in the Union.

Impact on the UK economy The uncertain


Situation is taking its toll on the British economy. UK Gross Domestic Product fell by 0.2% in the second quarter of 2019. kdk. This is the first quarter-on-quarter contraction in UK GDP since 2012. The statisticians also reported that UK GDP grew Aero Leads by 1.2% year-on-year in the second quarter, following an increase of 1.8% in the first quarter. Growth was estimated at 1.4 percent. This is the weakest yoy GDP growth since the first quarter of 2018. 4 Such results directly affect the exchange rate of the pound, which, together with the announcement of the results of the referendum on June 23, 2016, fell in relation to the zloty by almost.

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