Ghana Mobile Phone Codes

 Ghana Mobile Phone Codes

In the era of mobile communication, text marketing has become an essential tool for businesses to engage with their target audience. When implementing text marketing campaigns in Ghana, it’s crucial to understand the mobile phone codes used in the country. Mobile phone codes, also known as dialing or calling codes, are the numeric prefixes used to identify specific regions or networks when making phone calls or sending text messages. Familiarizing yourself with Ghana’s mobile phone codes will enable you to reach your customers effectively and ensure successful text marketing campaigns.

The Structure of Ghana Mobile Phone Codes

Ghana’s mobile phone codes consist of a two or three-digit prefix that varies depending on the network or location. The country’s mobile phone network operators include MTN, Vodafone, AirtelTigo, and Glo. Each operator has its unique code that users must dial to connect to Peru Mobile Number List their network. Additionally, Ghana has regional phone codes that identify specific geographical locations within the country.

Key Mobile Phone Codes in Ghana

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  1. MTN:
    • Mobile Phone Code: 024, 054, 055
    • Shortcode for Text Marketing: 180
  2. Vodafone:
    • Mobile Phone Code: 020, 050, 056, 057, 058
    • Shortcode for Text Marketing: 5888
  3. AirtelTigo:
    • Mobile Phone Code: 027, 057, 026, 056
    • Shortcode for Text Marketing: 700
  4. Glo:
    • Mobile Phone Code: 023, 024, 025
    • Shortcode for Text Marketing: 1234

When sending text messages as part of your marketing strategy, it’s essential to use the appropriate shortcode for each network to ensure the messages reach the intended recipients efficiently.


Understanding mobile phone codes in Ghana is vital for any business or marketer looking to Aero Leads implement successful text marketing campaigns. By familiarizing yourself with the unique codes assigned to each mobile network operator, you can reach your target audience effectively. Remember to utilize the correct shortcode when sending text messages to ensure optimal delivery rates. With this knowledge in hand, you can leverage text marketing to engage with customers. Promote your products or services, and drive business growth in Ghana’s mobile-driven landscape.

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