Geographic Flexibility Leads to Newer

Geographic Flexibility Leads to Newer

The sales sector is now becoming more remote-based. More companies now host a remote sales team due to the covid pandemic. As work culture is getting remote, the geographical boundary is withdrawn. Hence, recruiting agencies are now open to recruiting candidates without geographical boundaries. According to a recent survey, more than 70% of recruiters will choose remote candidates for direct sales recruitment. Since the virtual workforce gains momentum with a vast funnel, agents hope to rope in better candidates.


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Different countries and time zones if the recruitment and Wuhan Mobile Number List qualities are according to the recruitment prospect. Virtual Recruitment is here to Stay During the pandemic, everything went online, including recruitment procedures. Virtual recruitment is still going on, and the scare of Covid is still very much present. However, as per an industrial survey, more than 70% of recruiters will choose virtual recruitment to fill in the gaps in the sales sector. From video interviews to software-based interview procedures and digital verification of credentials- everything will become more prominent and organized for both recruiters and the candidates.

The virtual recruitment procedure

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Also widens the horizon for both sides. With more talent through Italy WhatsApp Number List remote interview procedures and remote work culture, the sales sector will get a new boost. Conclusion The Corona pandemic has already positively affected the sales sector. Pearl Lemon Recruitment, a well-known sales recruitment agency, embraces the new cultures to recruit sales representatives for their global clients. They work closely with the recent trends to ensure growth with talented experts for your sales team.

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