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Mainly with business Business-to-Business (B B) and Business-to-Customer (B C) have evolv into something more complex like B B C . their business to sell products. directly to consumers without having to go through any intermiary also known as Direct-to-Customer (D C) and this article will get to know the D C business . What is a D C business? From doing business traditionally in the past where products were produc from a factory that consist of different processes that went through both the manufacturer (supplier), factory (manufacturer), wholesaler (wholesaler), dealer (Distributor) and retailer (Retailer) to reach the customer, which takes time and the whole process is quite long and goes through many steps.

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Manufacturers have adapt themselves to dealing Peru WhatsApp Number List directly with customers. Eliminate intermiaries and make communication with customers more efficient. Comparison between Traditional Retailer and D C Direct-to-Customer (D C) is a business model in which manufacturers can deliver products directly to their customers without having to go through a lot of intermiaries or processes like in the past. This is an adaptation of the manufacturer to play a role in dealing with customers even more. And it is the result of the digital world and social mia that has chang this business model.

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B if we come to look closely, we still AERO Leads rarely see manufacturers playing in this type of business as we should. Because the reason is because manufacturers tend to sell products in bulk (Bulk Sales), of course, that customers may not want a lot of products that much. Producers themselves have to adapt to a combination of mass production and on-demand production by using the open sales method. E-Marketplace directly from the manufacturer, such as selling through Shopee, Lazada, Amazon or through various social mia and for businessD C will look like this.

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