Do Not Ignore These Minor Injuries

Do Not Ignore These Minor Injuries

Bleeding can occur in the brain right after an accident or a few days after an injury because of the presence of all major arteries and veins, and they bleed just as much as other body parts. A mild headache can indicate increasing intracranial pressure bleeding inside the brain or damage to the soft tissues of the brain. 2. Sensitivity to Light: Sometimes people, after car accidents, can experience a condition called photophobia or sensitivity to light.

Their eyes cannot Do Not Ignore These tolerate bright light

And cause headaches in such situations. Photophobia is one Thailand Mobile Number List of the common indications for brain injuries and could be a sign of internal bleeding. In some cases, it may indicate damage to the eye. 3. Nausea and Vomiting: Sometimes nausea and vomiting could be an indication of brain injury. Brain injuries do not always mean that a person has to bleed within the brain itself. If the person is not bleeding and all the reports of MRI are normal but still have. Feelings of nausea and vomiting, there might be a chance they have sustained a brain injury.


Confusion and Disorientation

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Usually, these types of symptoms are easily observed by your Africa Phone Number close ones. It means if a person behaves differently or unusual after a car accident despite not recognizing it themselves. The person might be suffering from brain injury. 5. Dizziness: If a person feels their head is spinning after an accident, it can signify ear or brain injury. Sometimes the person gets to know this in minutes or hours just after the accident, and this sign should not be ignored. When a person sustains injuries to the spinal cord or shoulder or breaks their bones, in such cases, the symptoms are abrupt. Symptoms appear immediately or in a few hours. But the damage to the brain is complicated, and a person may not observe signs at first. But with time the symptoms may worsen, and then the condition might get irreversible.

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