Developers have to spend a lot of time

Developers have to spend a lot of time

The consequences may not be felt immeiately, but in. Several months or even years, when a bunch of major updates have already been release, technological packages have been update. And new libraries have been adde. It is almost impossible to refactor a large project. Outdate documentation complicates the problem even more. deciphering system architecture, code structure, etc. Once upon a time, our team inherite a similar project. At first it seems that everything is done well, and then it is time to. Update the code or add some functionality – and this is long and painful. PAIN 7 Designers make mockups, but some elements don’t work the way they want them to.

The layout himself and look for a solution

When designing the client part, it is important to remember. The interface should not only look good, but also work in a certain way. However, some design solutions are very difficult to transfer and implement so that they look harmonious in the code, in the Albania Phone Number List layout, and are also displaye correctly on different gadgets. Like a designer, a developer has a good understanding of the UI, but thanks to his knowlege of programming, he is able to notice the shortcomings of the idea that will hinder implementation. The solution itself may be successful, but it will not work as intende.

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The latter will have to implementing

Will have to write a ton of code for it, which will be difficult to scale and maintain in the future. If the designer is not sure about the possibility of a certain AERO Leads solution, it is better to consult with the developer in advance. Otherwise, the latter will have to reo, which will take a lot of According to a survey by the Genesis Department of eucation, 95% of Ukrainian higher eucation students feel a lack of a practical component in their curricula.

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