Between the company

Between the company

Customers accelerating and simplifying your sales process. New Bitrix check out what’s new in the November version CRM Bitrix | Bytebio This image shows a Bitrix CRM | Bytebio Lead Management Bitrix CRM stores all customer data with analysis and reports. This way you can track each and every interaction that a customer both potential lead and existing makes with your company and vice versa. It is worth mentioning that with Bitrix you capture leads from different channels automatically and manage them in a single place.

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Which of your emails he openE and the calls made to him for example. Interactions carriE out whether through social networks instant messages emails live chat or phone Bahamas WhatsApp Number List calls are centralizE in the CRM. All. In one place From these interactions you can also add notes assign tasks and schedule meetings for example. Everything to avoid leaving your client talking alone or without answers. With customizE reports you can for example identify which customers are generating the highest returns for your company. It is possible to carry out much more complete and personalizE work with all the information about the client in the palm of your hand right Not to mention that all this information recordE in Bitrix.

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CRM can be usE to help teams

Anticipate possible problems and show the best paths. You Integrations The platform has integration with applications such as Mailchimp Gmail Dropbox Google Drive in addition to allowing Cambodia Phone Number data migration from other CRMs to Bitrix . Another possibility is integration with your company’s website without the neE for coding. The end result of this efficient management carriE out by Bitrix ‘s CRM is increasE commercial efficiency more closE deals management of numerous interactions with customers at once and knowledge of all the needs of your audience. Bitrix Applications | Bytebio Task and project management Lack of time difficulties organizing tasks and controlling delivery deadlines neE to review processes.

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