Transform your business Discover

Transform your business Discover

Bitrix a platform for business with management communication social collaboration and discover why more than nine million companies around the world already use it In this post you will see What is Bitrix Communication CRM Task and Project Management Contact Center Website and online store builder Conclusion What is Bitrix New Bitrix check out what’s new in the November version We know that managing a business is not a simple task.

Regardless of size or segment

Takes a lot of organization to have control over all processes monitor teams guarantee the quality of products and services offer customer support and also have time to seek innovation and Benin WhatsApp Number List creativity. Now imagine a single tool performing all these functions with quality efficiency and simplicity unifying your company optimizing your time and accelerating your results. Imagine being able with it to build an internal infrastructure with external relations. Manage communications people projects customers and marketing campaigns. Everything from one place Did you imagine It seems like a dream but it’s not.

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Exists and  changing the reality

Four million companies of different sizes and sectors in different countries including here in Brazil with success stories . How can it help your company Bitrix Platform and its Tools | Bytebio France Telegram Number iew plan There are more than tools that allow you to collaborate plan work on projects share files automate HR processes create approval workflow use sharE calendars and many other possibilities. All of this integratE into a social interface which maximizes the efficiency of communication at work. Learn how to implement LGPD with Bitrix in the company Activity Flow With Bitrix you have a unifiE personalizE and interactive Activity Flow . In it all changes and new additions made to the intranet can be seen. Users can make real time updates follow posts notifications and make announcements to the entire company.

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