Basic marketing metrics deep understanding

Basic marketing metrics deep understanding

To join the team for this position, you must have at least 3 years of experience as a Product Manager in a B2C product and at least 1.5 years as a leader; excellent knowlege of the principles of Unit economics ; expertise in marketing, engagement channels, of funnel metrics; experience in conducting A/B tests. Ability to prioritize hypotheses using methodologies, rapid prototyping skills and knowlege of Customer Journey Map will be an advantage. What to read to seniors and team leaders? 5 tips for a manager from Genesis Operations Director Artem Kopanev How to efficiently and competently manage specialists is something that worries every novice manager.

Most founders of Genesis businesses

If you have just become a team leader, or are planning to learn management skills, we recommend that you view a short guide with the most important theses about management from Genesis COO Artem Kopanev., how to carry out promotions and layoffs in Mexico Phone Number List an environmentally friendly way, what is transparent communication and why is it important? These and other urgent questions for managers are in the blog material. MVP: principles of creation and the main mistakes of founders starte in middle and senior positions in ecosystem projects.

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How to properly motivate specialists

Genesis as a co-founding company enables talente founders to develop and cool ideas to be implemente. If you are thinking about your own product or already have an idea, this materiaAuthor’s photo Катерина Шевченко 29 черв. Читати 9 хв 180+ DevOps Interview Questions for Junior, Middle, Senior What do DevOps engineers get aske in AERO Leads an interview? Depending on the specifics of the company’s work, the questions differ, but there are common themes. We have collecte a large list of frequently aske questions for specialists of various grades — Junior, Middle, Senior.

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