A Comprehensive Guide to Ghana Mobile Phone Codes

A Comprehensive Guide to Ghana Mobile Phone Codes



In the digital era, mobile phones have become an integral part of our lives, connecting people across the globe with just a few taps. Ghana, a vibrant West African country, has witnessed a significant surge in mobile phone usage over the years. To ensure seamless communication within the country, Ghana has implemented a well-organized system of mobile phone codes. In this article, we will delve into the details of Ghana’s mobile phone codes, helping you understand and navigate the telecommunications landscape more effectively.

 Understanding Ghana’s Mobile Phone Number Structure

Ghana’s mobile phone numbers follow a specific structure, consisting of a network code and a subscriber number. The network code represents the Japan Phone number list mobile network operator, while the  A Comprehensive Guide to Ghana Mobile Phone Codes subscriber number uniquely identifies an individual user. The standard format of a Ghanaian mobile phone number is:

[Network Code][Subscriber Number]

 Major Mobile Network Operators in Ghana

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Ghana boasts several prominent mobile network operators, each assigned a specific network code. Here are some of the major operators in the country:

  1. MTN Ghana (Network Code: 024, 054, 055): MTN is the largest mobile network operator in Ghana, offering a wide range of voice and data services. If you come across a mobile number starting with 024, 054, or 055, it belongs to the MTN network.
  2. Vodafone Ghana (Network Code: 020, 050, 056): Vodafone Ghana is another leading mobile network operator, providing extensive coverage and a variety of services. Mobile numbers starting with 020, 050, or 056 are associated with Vodafone.
  3. AirtelTigo Ghana (Network Code: 027, 057): AirtelTigo is the result of a merger between Airtel and Tigo in Ghana. It operates with network codes starting with 027 and 057.
  4. Glo Mobile Ghana (Network Code: 023): Glo Mobile is a relatively new entrant in the Ghanaian telecommunications market. Numbers starting with 023 belong to the Glo Mobile networ
  5.  Dialing Codes for Ghanaian Regions and Services

Apart from network-specific codes, Ghana also has other dialing codes that Aero Leads serve various purposes. Here are some essential codes you should be aware of:

  1. Country Code: +233 To call Ghana from another country, you need to prefix the Ghanaian phone number with the country code, which is +233.
  2. National Dialing Code: 0 When making a domestic call within Ghana, you should start with the national dialing code, which is 0, followed by the network code and subscriber number.
  3. Emergency Services: 112, 193, 999 In case of emergencies, you can dial 112, 193, or 999 to reach the appropriate emergency service provider in Ghana.
  4. Short Codes: Ghana utilizes a range of short codes for accessing specific services, such as checking airtime balance, subscribing to data packages, and more. These short codes vary across network operators and can be obtained from their respective websites or customer service centers.

Conclusion: Ghana’s mobile phone codes play a vital role in facilitating communication within the country. Understanding the network codes of major mobile network operators and familiarizing yourself with important dialing codes will enable you to make effective use of your mobile phone while in Ghana. Whether you are a resident or a visitor, being aware of these codes ensures that you stay connected with ease and convenience in the beautiful country of Ghana.



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