Knowing which generation

To solve problems by writing down the problems one by one. and summarize the solution Before doing it, let’s discuss.  Including family . Gen Y (Born – ) Gen Y, Millennials, Gen Next are the same people born in the years – . group are. The events of gulf war The growth of internet, mobile and SMS, and social networks. The attitudes and values ​​of this group are optimistic Give importance to social responsibility. Ambitious High morality, honesty have self-confidence and likes to socialize. The motivation of this group is to practice various skills rest getting things done to achieve goals Work hard and play hard.

Plan marketing as well

I want people to see the value in themselves. The Nepal WhatsApp Number List communication and use of technology of this group is that they like live broadcasts, watching television, watching cable TV. Send and receive emails and SMS, likes to talk through various channels on the Internet in real time, Social Mia regularly. The working life of this group is can work in a variety of ways like to do a lot entrepreneurial focus like to be challeng like to participate accept the change likes to communicate through various electronic mia and would like feback or compliments This group of people like to solve problems by brainstorming.

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Searching for information from the website AERO Leads Including consultation between friends. Give importance to matters relat to daily life. and working life mainly . Gen Z (Born – ) Gen Z is the same people born between – . Born in an era of technology and convenience, this group of Gen Z is addict to the online world. Live with the social world, technology, mobile phone, tablet, expert in almost all forms of technology. Get information quickly.

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