What product or service

What product or service

Directly and indirectly, answering emails, chatting through Line. And customers and expand the customer base, such as organizing various promotional activities . Revenue Streams Which group of customers will we have income from? or any type of business, how much including service charges . Key Resources Necessary things to be us to create the value of the business, both personnel. and raw materials such as factories, machines, information systems, computers . Key Activities What are the things that businesses ne to do to keep them going? Each business will have different forms, for example, if it is a business selling various things, it is necessary.

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Marketing activities online sales public relations Japan WhatsApp Number List booth . Key Partners Who has stakes in our business, both public and private? Having a partner will make the business run smoothly, such as various associations, suppliers, shops, banks. . Cost Structure All expenses in doing our business such as personnel expenses, office equipment expenses land rent office rent various maintenance costs If we don’t know where to start We can look at our competitors and try to define our own. Brainstorm from a team of – people and try to draw a business plan.

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Then we will see the overview of our business and the AERO Leads industry we are in. to make it easier to continue doing business Value Proposition is the value proposition that a brand or business delivers to its customers. that must be unique and different from other competitors That results in the question of why customers buy products or services from your brand and Value Proposition is one of the important things in Writing a business plan on a canvas (Business Model Canvas) that you ne to define every time before doing business. By writing text or words that represent a good Value Proposition.

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